If you’re selling on Amazon, being found quickly and easily is essential. We work with brands to get their products ranking high in search results. This is done with Amazon PPC techniques that get products found and noticed, improving your discoverability, traffic and sales.”

Amazon listings optimisation & PPC Management Services

#1 Seller Central Account Creation

Here's what you'll get...

► My team will help you create your seller central account and create one dummy listing.


1. Email address

2. PAN Card

3. GST 

4. Bank Account Details

5. ID Proof

#2 Amazon Listing Optimisation

Here's what you'll get...

► My team will create 5 killer images for your 1 product: 2 infographic and 3 lifestyle images.

► My team will do the keyword research using Helium10’s Cerebro tool and provide you with all the relevant KWs for your listing and for Amazon Ads

► My team will write a traffic grabbing title, bullets & description. Enters backend search term.

Requirements for listing optimisation:

1. You need to provide white background images in 2 to 3 angles

2. Delivered within 5 Days

#3 Influencer Marketing

Here's what you'll get...

► My team will contact influencer on Instagram and ask them buy your product from Amazon (SFB) and follow up with then for product selfies and also for reviews(50%).

► This helps kick start your sales on Amazon, which spikes Amazon algo, which in turn increases conversion rate and sales velocity, which in turn help in ranking your product and getting visibility using Amazon PPC.

Requirements for listing optimisation:

1. You should plan to give out 5 FREE units(Min) for 15 days or Min 10 Days.

2. You need to reimburse the influencers

#4 Amazon Ads Management

Here's what you'll get...

► One of my team member will contact you and understand your business goals, optimise your ad campaigns based on your business goals on a regular basis.

Requirements for listing optimisation:

1. You should plan to continues the service for at least 3 months, that's when you can see the REAL results. 

2. You should have a daily ad budget of Rs.750 per days.

3. This package is for 5 of your Private Label products.

4. Rs. 1K extra for additional products.

5. All variation under one parent product is considered to be on 1 product. 

#5 Brand Website Creation

Here's what you'll get...

► We specialise in building and developing high quality Ecommerce websites that are tailored to your business and industry.

► Your Ecommerce store will feature the very latest in modern design and packed with marketing features to increase traffic, improve conversions and generate ROI.

► By understanding customer journey combined with years of experience on what does and doesn’t work, we deliver you an Ecommerce experience designed around results.


1. Hosting, Domain and Theme (If you're interested, we suggest what we use). Sample Website https://11bestrated.com/

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