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How to start an online business by leveraging the power of Amazon in 2019  

Here's what you'll learn...

►You will learn How to configure your Amazon seller account THE RIGHT WAY (very important!) from anywhere in the world

► The Most Lucrative Business Model Right Now– Private Labeling: How to add value and get people to pay far more for your products

► The HOTTEST Niches on Amazon Right Now – How To Analyze Markets and Win Every Time

► Finding, Evaluating, Selecting your First Profit Making Product

► Find High Margin, Quality and Reliable Suppliers That Will Support Your High Growing Amazon Business. Domestically and overseas.

► Letting Amazon do all the Work – Your Automated Fulfilment System

► Creating a HIGH CONVERTING Product Listing – Adding your products, Titles that sell, Copy-writing Secrets, Images that Convert, Keyword Optimization (Amazon SEO)

► Powerful & Proven Product Launching Strategies

► 100% legitimate ways to get large number of VERIFIED REVIEWS

► How to provide exceptional customer support by adding value to the conversation

Without proper PLAN to success, most online entrepreneurs fail miserably. Don't get left behind! Develop a business you're going to be proud of!

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Excellent To The Point Book!

When i went through the book actually i read it in on go. Excellent to the point book. Very precise, consize and extremely helpful content. No philosophical discussions very practical. Aman you have shared all secrets here and i feel very much excited to work on the lines of the book. Thanks for everything

Chetan V. Kapadnis

Amazon Kindle Customer

AMAZON SEO RANKING HACKS: Optimize Your Listing to Rank Private Label Products Higher and to Increase Sales on Amazon

If you want to grow a business on Amazon you need to understand how Amazon search algorithm works. Well it is sound obvious but you would be surprised, most business people who operate on Amazon have no clue how Amazon ranks and delivers search results.

Three times as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon than Google. Think about it, where do you go if you need to know if a product is a good investment? Where do you go if you want to know the best deal on anything? from digital music to shoes, Amazon right?

Yet you probably did not pay attention to how the amazon search engine works, much less consider it as a marketing way worth optimizing for. From my experience, most of the marketers are still spending time trying to optimizing their Amazon listings for Google. What if you knew how to rank on Amazon instead? Think about it, you would have three times more ready to buy customers than you would ever get in Google. You would do it in a fraction of a time too. In this book you are going to find out how to do it.

Inside of this Book, You’ll learn…

Three times as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon than Google. What if you knew how to rank on Amazon? [Intro]

► You will understand how Amazon Product Search A9 Algorithm works. [Fundamentals]

► Learn how you can optimize your products for these top Seven Customer satisfaction and retention Factors.

► Learn how you can optimize your products for these top Eight Conversation Rate Factors.

► Learn how you can optimize your products for these top Eight Relevancy factors.

► Few more Ideas to rank your products on Amazon

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A must read!

The nitty-gritty of running a successful Amazon seller account. Key insights to improve sales.

- Nikhil Varma 

Amazon Kindle Customer

Five Star!

Good book. Short and precise. Good check list to follow for better product visibility on Amazon.

- Eternal Stores

Amazon Kindle Customer  

PROFITABLE PRODUCTS: How to find, choose and evaluate best private label products to sell on Amazon FBA

I will teach you 7 research methods that most e-commerce professional don’t even knows how to use.

I will also provide you with a set of guidelines to follow when you select products to include in your private label empire.

Researching your products is the most essential aspect of your online business. Good products with substantial demand in the market will let your business develop from making up to $10,000 or even $100,000 every month!

You should invest time in researching your products. Following next, is a summary of the features that make an excellent product and the reasons behind them.

In the end, you will get the detailed appraisal procedure for maximizing your success with product selection.

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Excellent point made in this book that are shaping my thinking and helping me get to the next level. I need to read it again.

- Bob

Amazon Kindle Customer

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