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Welcome Module: The World's Most Perfect Business

Learn exactly why a physical products business on Amazon is one of the most capital efficient business models - with incredible potential for positive return on investment. You'll discover...

The simple business plan you can follow exactly to generate ₹15 Lakhs/month in sales
How to get your business set up the SMART way to set up for success
Aman's personal business story, as well as case studies from our students

Module 1: P-Cube Formula (Perfect Product Picking Formula)

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Welcome to Module 1
Winning Product Criteria
Tools To Speed Up The Process
Finding Your First Product
Checking Your Product Viability
Creating Your Product Idea List
Calculating Gross Margin
Narrowing Down Your List
Action Steps for Module 1

Module 2- Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Welcome To Module 2
Understanding Amazon’s Fees
Product Tuning
Simple Product Sourcing
Creating a Professional Online Presence
Importance of Building a Relationship with your Supplier
Finding and Contacting Suppliers with Proven Templates
Finding and Contacting Suppliers Outside India
Finding and Contacting Suppliers in India
True Cost and Your Best Suppliers
Freight Costs and Calculating Final True Cost
Ordering  Samples for your Top Product Idea
Action Steps for Module 2

Module 3- Ordering Your Inventory & Creating Your Brand

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Welcome To Module 3
The Sample Have Arrived! Now What?
Choosing The Best Supplier and Getting The Highest Profit Margin.
The Brand Name Creation Process
Creating Your Brand Logo
Purchasing Your UPC
Quick Product Listing
Designing Your Product Packaging
Automatic List Building With Packaging Insert
How Much Inventory You Should Order?
Shipping Process (Domestic / Import)
Placing Your First Inventory Order
After You Place Your Inventory Order
Action Steps for Module 3

Module 4- Building Your Brand Assets

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Creating Your Brand Real Estate On The Internet World
Creating Your Brand Facebook Page
Importance of Facebook Messenger
Important Setting inside ManyChat
Important Features ManyChat
Building List on ManyChat
Finding Target Audience
Creating Facebook Ad to Build Many Chat List
Facebook Ads and ManyChat Dashboard Walk Through
Reviews On Autopilot Process
Reviews On Autopilot ManyChat Flow
Creating Your Brand Website
Publishing Content On Social Media
Action Steps For Module 4

Module 5- The Perfect Product Page

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Welcome to Module 5
How to Craft the Perfect Amazon Listing
Strategic Keyword Research for Top Amazon Rankings
Building Your Keyword List
Creating a Buyer-Grabbing Product Title
Bullet Points that Sell & Differentiate
Product Images that Attract and Convert
Product Pricing for Profit—Launch vs. Normal Pricing
Creating Your Complete Listing
Automated Customer Emails
Taking Advantage of Waiting Time
Action Steps For Module 5

Module 6- The Perfect Product launch

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Welcome To Module 6
The Amazon Launch Process
Prioritizing Keywords For Launch
Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
Structuring Campaigns for Success
Setting up Your PPC Campaigns
Getting Your Initial Sales and Reviews
Creating Amazon Promotion Codes
Creating Amazon URLs for Keyword Targeting
Distribute Promotion Codes to Subscriber List
Facebook Ads Percentage Off Promotion Campaign
Tracking the Data to Make Informed Decisions
Introduction to Optimizing PPC During Launch
Optimizing Price Against Rank and Sales
Sustaining Rank Profitably
Running Out of Inventory, Reordering and Relaunching
Actions Steps For Module 6

Module 7 - Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Module...

Welcome to Module 7
Facebook Messenger Policy Changes and Sponsored Messages
The Raving Fan Customer Service System
Optimizing Amazon Ads For Overall Profit
Amazon Coupons
Amazon Lightning Deals
Amazon Promotions
The Power of Product Variations
When to Launch Your Next Product
Choosing Your Second Product to Launch
Launching Your Second Product
Using a Performance Checklist
Action Steps For Module 7

See What Other Students Have To Say...

“When I started, I absolutely had no knowledge on selling on Amazon which why I enrolled for Aman’s personal coaching, I would say that his coaching has immensely benefited me and it took a seize of selling online on Amazon, in terms of how to rank for different keywords for your products or how to improve your sales through ppc campaigns or how to compete with your competitors…I think over the last 2 months I have come a long way in understating the Amazon system a lot better and enabled me to improve my sales through Amazon channel!”

- Manas from Bangalore.

"I made 1 lakh rupees in net profit within my first 3 months in this business...Aman is a very genuine guy and truly wants to help other sellers to build their brand!"  

- Ankith from Gurgaon

“Hi everyone! I first got to know Aman through his Amazon PPC course, then I requested him for his mentorship. Luckily, he said okay, since then I have been learning a lot on Facebook ads campaigns, getting reviews on Amazon, Influencer marketing and how to run Amazon sponsored ads… All these skills were very very beneficial for me, since I’m somebody who is managing every part of my business alone. Aman is very very supportive, and he has lots of experience. I will definitely recommend him for his mentorship!”

- Anamika from Haryana

"My profits doubled every single month since last four months, I highly recommend Aman as your mentor!"

- Punit from Gurgaon

"With this step by step training I was able to create powerful ad campaigns and also learnt how to optimize existing campaigns, which helped me save tons of money, thank you so much Aman for answering all my questions"

- Nitin Narang from Delhi.

"Now I feel very much confident after learning all these strategies, I'm really impressed and overwhelmed by amount of knowledge you shared, I'm going to implement all these strategies and techniques in my Amazon business. Thanks you so much Aman"

- Sumit Borkar from Pune

About Your Host

Aman A S

I'm Aman. I'm a "Travel agent turned entrepreneur". As a digital entrepreneur, I've built multiple successful brands and worked with companies like Thomas Cook, Amazon & Facebook. I've trained over 7000+ people across multiple countries and encashed over $695,000 thru my physical products brands and digital marketing. I'm a husband of a loving wife, father of a girl child, and I have my roots grounded in spirituality. I'm on a mission to help 100,000 people live the freedom lifestyle.  

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