Double Your Amazon Sales in 90 Days With Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

Day 1

Module 1: Intro to Amazon PPC Mastery Course

Day 2

Module 2: Making your Amazon listing AD READY.

Day 3

Module 3: Campaign & Ad Group Structure Creation.

Day 4

Module 4: Optimizing All Your Ad Campaigns with Five Step Optimization Process.

Day 5

Module 5: Automate Your Entire Amazon PPC Campaigns Using A Less Known Tool.

Day 6

Module 6: BONUS strategy. 

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Aman A S

I'm Aman. I'm a "Travel agent turned entrepreneur". As a digital entrepreneur, I've built multiple successful brands and worked with companies like Thomas Cook, Amazon & Facebook. I've trained over 7000+ people across multiple countries and encashed over $695,000 thru my physical products brands and digital marketing. I'm a husband of a loving wife, father of a girl child, and I have my roots grounded in spirituality. I'm on a mission to help 100,000 people live the freedom lifestyle.

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