Day 4: MODULE 4

Double Your Amazon Sales in 90 Days With Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

VIDEO 2: Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich Condensed Version Narrated by Earl Nightingale

Reading this entire book takes long time, this video helps you consume the most important message in a shorter time!

VIDEO 3: Five step Ad optimization process

Note: You have to choose the keywords with CTR less than 0.05 from this excel sheet. i.e 0.05 which is 5% (0.05 *100 = 5%). Actually I have mentioned it wrongly as 0.5

VIDEO 4: PAT optimization process

Action Items

Action Steps:

#1 Optimize all your existing Ad campaigns as per the above video.

#2 In Day 5 videos, where we will automate this entire process with a less know automation tool.

#3 If you have any questions please feel free to message me by clicking the "Contact Us" button below.

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Day 1

Available now... Session 1: Intro to Amazon PPC Mastery Course

Day 2

Available now... Session 2: Making your Amazon listing AD READY.

Day 3

Available now... Session 3: Ad Campaign & Structure Creation.

Day 4

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Available now... Session 4: Optimizing all your PPC campaigns. 

Day 5

Session 5: Automate and Scale. Released soon and will be delivered to you via email on the fifth day...

Day 6

Session 6: BONUS lesson. Released soon and will be delivered to you via email on the sixth day...        

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