Double Your Amazon Sales in 90 Days Using Amazon Sponsored Ads!

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What is it?

Amazon PPC Mastery is a 6-day online course with step by step videos. The course shows you how to increase your Amazon sales using Amazon ads.

Who is it for?

Amazon PPC Mastery is for people who already sell products on Amazon, but want to double their sales using Amazon Sponsored ads.

Where does it happen?

The Amazon PPC Mastery course is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, and Support. You complete it online, on your own time.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the support section, follow the process, get results.

When does it start?

Because Amazon PPC Mastery is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.

Why does it exist?

I created this course because most sellers are clueless when it comes to driving traffic using Amazon ads, usually these sellers hire people from some Service Provider Network company and they will blow the ad budget and run away without delivering any results.

Amazon PPC Mastery Course Content

Learn all the steps to take to master "Amazon Sponsored Ads" in just hours!

Day 1 - Module 1: Setting Up The Ground

Welcome & Intro
Game Plan
How This Course Can Help You?
35000 ft Overview
Action Steps

Day 2 - Module 2: The Perfect Product Amazon Listing

Making Your Listing AD READY
Initial Keyword Research
Building Your Keyword List
Creating Traffic-Grabbing Product Title
Creating Bullet Points That Sell And Differentiate
Creating Compelling Product Description
Product Images That Attract And Convert
Amazon listing setup settings
Action Steps

Day 3 - Module 3: Launching Your Ad Campaigns For Success

Understanding Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
Campaign Types
Match Type Objectives
Multiple Match Type Problems & Solutions
Final Campaign Structure
Structuring Ad Campaigns for Success
Setting Up Your PPC Campaign
Action Steps

Day 4 - Module 4: Ad Optimization On Steroids

ACOS Overview
5 Step Ads Optimization Process
Reduce Wasted Ad Spend
Find Golden Keywords And Boost Sales
Action Steps

Day 5 - Module 5: Automating The Entire Amazon PPC Game

Why Automation?
Full Scope Of Automation
Automate All Aspects Of Amazon PPC
Tools For PPC Automation
Action Steps

Day 6 - Bonus Lesson From Stefano

Product Attribution Targeting
Enhanced Auto Targeting
Enhanced Campaign & Ad Group Structure
Mining For Good Stuff
And lots more...

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

- Anamika from Gurgaon.

"With this step by step training I was able to create powerful ad campaigns and also learnt how to optimize existing campaigns, which helped me save tons of money, thank you so much Aman for answering all my questions"

- Nitin Narang from Delhi.

"I made 1 lakh rupees in net profit within my first 3 months in this business...Aman is a very genuine guy and truly wants to help other sellers to build their brand!"  

- Manas from Pune

"Now I feel very much confident after learning all these strategies, I'm really impressed and overwhelmed by amount of knowledge you shared, I'm going to implement all these strategies and techniques in my Amazon business. Thanks you so much Aman"

- Sumit Borkar from Pune

An email from an experienced Amazon seller...

About Your Host

Aman A S

I'm Aman. I'm a "Travel agent turned entrepreneur". As a digital entrepreneur, I've built multiple successful brands and worked with companies like Thomas Cook, Amazon & Facebook. I've trained over 7000+ people across multiple countries and encashed over $695,000 thru my physical products brands and digital marketing. I'm a husband of a loving wife, father of a girl child, and I have my roots grounded in spirituality. I'm on a mission to help 100,000 people live the freedom lifestyle.  

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Double Your Amazon Sales in 90 Days With Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

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